What kind of service do you provide?

E-panneur is an online grocery shopping and same day delivery service.
We offer our customers to buy products from multiple stores (Wholesale, Supermarket and Pharmacy) and offer a very personnalized service.
We do the shopping for our customers and deliver the groceries right to their homes.

Where do my products come from?

Here at E-panneur, we select the stores that offer the greatest variety, price and quality.
Our Stores include Costco and Provigo and the pharmacy.

Can I get same-day delivery?

As a private household: During the Summer Season (June-August), we provide Same-Day Delivery on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Simply place your order before 4PM that day!
As a business office: You will need to place your order at least one day in advance. We deliver on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Is there a minimum to place an order?

Yes, there is a minimum of $50 to place an order. You can combine your order with products from the multiple stores!

What happens if one of my products is out of stock?

If not found, our shopper will take an alternative replacement to the nearest brand or quality of the item.
Before the arrival of your order, you will receive our "Shopper Report" by e-mail. This will give you a heads-up of the summary of items that have been found, not found or replaced.
If you do not accept substitutions, please advise us in the notes sections found in the summary of your cart page.

I can't find an item?

We accept requested items for your orders. To understand how you can request an extra item, please visit Can't find an item?

Do I need any kind of store memberships?

Nope! Giving you more advantages, you don't need any kinds of store memberships here at e-panneur.ca

How much does this service cost?

We currently have a promotion of $6.99 per delivery. Usually the normal fee is of $9.99 per delivery wich includes the packaging fees.

I am a business and I will be placing various orders on a monthly basis, can I have a monthly plan?

Most definitely! To assure you have the monthly plan that best fits your office needs, please e-mail us at info@epanneur.ca and one of our business account agents will be in touch with you!

Are the prices the same as in the stores?

The prices on e-panneur are our own and therefore different from the prices you will find at the stores.

How can I pay?

Customers have the option to pay Cash or Credit on Delivery (COD) and/or online by Credit Card or PayPal online. We take Mastercard, American Express and Visa. We do not accept Debit.

Where do you deliver?

You can check out our delivery zones here

When is my order delivered?

Private household: We offer 2 hour time windows: 6pm-8pm; 7pm-9pm; 8pm-10pm.
Business office: Orders can arrive between 9am and 5pm. Would you like a scheduled time? Contact us at info@epanneur.ca.

Other questions?

If you could not find your question here, please e-mail us at info@epanneur.ca or chat with us online!
If you have any suggestions or comments, please do not hesitate to let us know by e-mailing us at info@epanneur.ca.

Happy shopping!